May Favourites

May used to be one of my favourite months, but in recent years it has lost some of its allure to me. Turning a year older lost its sparkle, my favourite magazines became too expensive and the weather is dreary. But I am determined to enjoy this coming month. I turn 26th on the 19th of May, I have a work conference which might be fun and hopefully my fiance will bring back a few interesting things from his trip to the US.

Besides this, I am excited about tulip season which usually starts around this time of the year. We all know that April showers brings May flowers! I hope that we’ll get a dining table on which I could put a few vases soon. The empty living room is starting to get to me, but I don’t want to make a rash decision which we might regret. Does anyone know where I can find a dining table similar to the one above?

As the weather cools (we just had our first rainy evening) I’m really starting to crave comfort food and this one-pan chicken hits the spot. Whilst we are on the topic of cooking and the kitchen, I really look forward to finishing the kitchen – as in to buy everything we need. I am so sick of starting with something only to realise that I don’t have all the necessary tools. I think we are close, but not entirely there yet. I’d like to celebrate this with a nice utensil holder.

I’d also like to start putting up some are in the living room. We are planning on printing a few pictures from our Italy trip, but I really like this DIY Grey Malin-inspired print idea for creating an impact.

Finally, I am finishing this with boater hats (call me obessed!), a happy chocolate cake (which I wouldn’t mind digging in to) and an irresistable jewelled headband that Blair would approve of.

So happy May to all of you! What are you looking forward to this May?

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