November Favourites

Hi everyone!

I know this month’s favourites is a little late, but better late than never is what I always say! I also tweaked this month’s favourites a little as an added bonus.

November and December is my favourite time of the year. I love looking back at everything I’ve done and achieved that year and this year it has been a lot! November is also the official start of summer and I can’t wait for the first official heat wave- and I think today qualifies.

So this month I am looking forward to the future which stretches far beyond this year. Next year will be a pretty exciting time for me and my fiancé. I am also looking forward to the festive season which will probably enter our home later this week as I put up the Christmas tree. This is one of my all time favourite things to do. Just add a little Christmas music and bam- you’re ready for anything! ‘Jingle bells jingle bells…’

Summer also means a few trips to the beach. We usually divide our time between Clifton and the West Coast for Christmas. I just can’t wait for endless turquoise waves and blueberries (by far my favourite berry) to match!

Next weekend I am visiting my niece in the winelands and we plan on baking macarons, not in front of the Eiffel Tower unfortunately but in their lovely kitchen. I suspect a few ice lollies might also be consumed…

Finally we are kicking off the wedding planning and I am mostly looking forward to dress shopping, always keeping my beloved Monique Lhullier Candy in the back of my mind.

P.S. As a fun extra I decided to compile this month’s favourites of pics from some of my favourite Instagram accounts. Credits go as follows:

  1. The Glitter Guide @glitterguide
  2. Stephster Jovski @stephsterjovski
  3. My own pic of Cliffton beach
  4. Lucy Laught @lucylaught
  5. Amy Stone @amy_stone
  6. A Girl, A Style @agirlastyle
  7. Gal Meets Glam @juliahengel
  8. Fab Muse Diana @fabmuse_diana
  9. Liz Adams @liz.adams_

You can also see what I Instagram over here.

I hope you all have a great November!

Much love,


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