July Inspiration

Helo everyone!

I almost feel like I have to reintroduce myself as I’ve been absent from my blog this past month. The truth is that working two jobs has been getting to me. But from somewhere around mid-July my time after 5 O’clock will be all my own. It is a luxury I haven’t had for what feels like ages and hopefully I’ll be able to spend that time doing what I love most, of which Shopgirl is one.

So this month I’m looking forward to settling into a new schedule which hopefully includes reading a great book (any suggestions welcome), and getting back into a regular jogging schedule. This does however depend on the weather.

I’m also really looking forward to the Soccer World Cup Finals (what, I’m a soccer fan – during the World Cup!) and in honor of the team I’m supporting I’ll give you beautiful Dutch tulips.

This month will most likely also see my first hairdresser visit in about 6 months, which is kinda anxiety inducing (if you don’t know what I mean, I’ll have to ask for your hairdresser’s number). I could probably write an entire post about my hairdresser disasters but they usually only surface once I have to style my hair myself and realise how terribly skew they’ve cut it etc. So there is that to look forward too… I’ll keep the image of OP’s envy inducing healthy hair as my inspiration handy. I’ve also developed a slight obsession with the perfect pink lip.

I hope to one day have a pretty vintage plate collection like the one above and I believe my trips to the Milnerton Flea Market will help. I also want a pair of perfect jeans (ideally they’d also make me look like that), but I’ll settle for a dark blue pair with perfectly placed and sized pockets, no gaping at the back, thick denim at a reasonable price. Is that to much to ask? I promise I’ll always make them look classy!

When you look at the last picture, I hope the striped sequin dress grabs your attention. I just want to let all how strong I can be as I passed one almost just like that up despite the fact that it was on sale in Zara. Sometimes you have to prioritize!

I hope July is just as an exciting month for you as it is for me!

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