Bedroom Makeover

bedroom makeover

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My bedroom makeover has been long overdue as you might have noticed when I posted my Confetti Wall Art DIY a while ago. I’ve always loved light white spaces and I continue to do so, but I want to add some much needed contrast and incorporate a few investment furniture pieces to ultimately create the bedroom of my dreams. Today I’m sharing my inspiration.

My room has amazing natural light and there are some things that will be staying. My white walls and sheer curtains do add to the overall lightness of my room and I don’t want to lose it.  I also think white bedding is the easiest as I’ve had problems with grey bedding fading in the sun, so my simple oxford flap duvet and pillow cases will remain the same. I’ve also got a cable knit throw in dark grey to balance the dark headboard.

f644b5de1a5e213b921bd39740fe3827The first order of business for me was ordering a custom deep button headboard in a dark grey linen. You won’t believe how difficult it was to choose a fabric as I struggled to find one with a neutral undertone. We ended up narrowing it down to three choices which we jokingly referred to as red, green and blue. In the end I went for the one with the nicest texture and the least noticeable undertone. I’m super excited about this! But obviously my room transformation doesn’t end there!

062ee061e03c74cc4b8df0de68e99fc2I want to add touches of gold and keep the little pink there currently is to add warmth and femininity to what can be perceived as very male colours. After the headboard my first order of business will be to narrow down a few pillow options. I either want a monochromatic or gold printed pillow, but nothing geometric. I’ve been eyeing a few Country Road options but will only know whether they suit my room once I’ve got the headboard. 60997aa7c53046d68333de69865fdf34 Other long-term changes include finding new bedside tables (which will undoubtedly be troublesome), smaller golden accessories and a dark lampshade for my existing base or two new ones.

These are some of my inspiration pics for what I want the end results to resemble. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

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