May Inspiration

Happy May! Today is a public holiday (Yay!) so this month is off to a good start already, but the month of long weekends and short work weeks is nearing and end. Adjusting to longer work weeks might take some time getting used too and getting up early on cold mornings isn’t going to be great, but May month does have a few highlights that I’m looking forward to.

  • I love waking up on winter weekends knowing I can stay in bed for as long I like. Sipping coffee (preferably served in bed), wrapped in grey cable knits and listening to the rain.
  • I am so going to try this yummy looking recipe as soon as I can convince the rest of my family. It scores bonus points for being kinda healthy!
  • This winter my skin won’t surrender to the cold. I’ll be doing everything in my power to keep it hydrated and looking perfectly dewy. Starting with my foundation. It’s toss-up between Clinique’s Supermoisture makeup and Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Serum (nearly impossible to find).
  • Beach days are some of my favourite days so this series by Josef Hoflehner called Patience is simply irresistible to me. Turquoise oceans always make for pretty pictures.
  • My favourite mag with one of my favourite celebs and pink flowers on my birthday month- score! The shoot is unbelievably pretty.
  •  Olivia Palermo is a universal style icon but I also really love her hair and makeup. This month images of her hair shall help me resist that trip to the hairdresser. Instead I’m avoiding over styling my hair and applying copious amounts of moisturising products.

I hope you enjoy the coming month! Remember to do things that make you happy. What are you most looking forward to?

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