Winter Hiking Style

hiking styleI love hiking and Cape Town has some of the best routes to offer, but one of my favourites is to traverse the Franschoek mountains during the winter months when the peaks are all snow covered. It really is the only way we Capetonians can experience a white winter. When hiking comfort is as important, or dare I say even more than style. I like the middle I’ve found that doesn’t require a completely new closet just for a once-a-year activity yet is completely comfortableand suitable for the activity.

hiking style

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This is the basic formula I follow when dressing for a hike during the colder months. I like the idea of layering so that pieces can be removed or added during the day ensuring you never over heat or get cold.

The biggest investment to make for this sport are proper hiking shoes such as these Salomon trail running ones. I prefer trail running shoes as opposed to hiking boots as they are generally lighter and provide more traction where hiking boots mainly focus on stability.

I also prefer to wear loose-fitting jeans when it is a relaxed hike as they are warmer than running leggings and denim is more durable when you do slide on your bum.

Other than that I like a fitted parka for protection from the elements, matching accessories, stylish sunglasses and a large yet comfortable backpack to fill up with water and food supplies.

Enjoy your hiking trip!


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