April Favourites

Hi everyone! I’m back today and sharing my April favourites. I know it’s weird to do it this way around- sharing my favourites for the month ahead rather than the previous one, but it’s all part of focusing on the future instead of always reminiscing about the past.

This month it’s Easter so there are plenty of public holidays and it’s my other half’s birthday month, so I’ve got a lot planned including tickets to see Swan Lake with the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra which I’m REALLY excited about (seriously I don’t think anyone should be this excited about the ballet). I’m also starting a new job, but I don’t think it will interfere with my posting schedule too much as I’ve already got a lot planned and scheduled.

Colder temperatures do however mean a change in diet and outdoor activities. Whilst I’m hoping for a few more sunny days I’m fully prepared for the coming showers, snuggles with my fur baby, hot chocolate and tons of choc chip biscuits (which I’ve weirdly been craving these past few weeks). I’m also planning on catching up on some DIY projects and spending Easter weekend with friends and family.

In case you didn’t realise, I’m kinda obsessed with golden glitter and sequins hence the beautiful tutorial from A Beautiful Mess and the glittery eyes.

What are you looking forward to this April? Any exciting plans?

p.s. Click on the images to make them larger 🙂

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