What’s in my handbag

100_7886editedHi there! Today I’m sharing the content of my handbag in a bid to show you how I keep my handbag organized with all the essentials in it, without ever carrying too heavy.

  1. Sunglasses Pouch & Sunglasses: I made this DIY sunglasses pouch out of necessity and these is my sunglasses of choice. They never tangle in my hair!
  2. Lindt Chocolates: Somehow I manage to collect these little Lindt babies from my visits to Cafe Vida. They are great for snacking when you’re peckish but my personal favourite use for them is to try and replicate Vida’s legendary chocolate quente’s at home.
  3. Swiss Army Knife:  I got mine from my father and whilst I haven’t gotten much use of it yet, each time I have used it I’ve been incredibly thankful that I’ve got it.
  4. Essence Match2Cover: This is a great all-round concealer, perfect for covering blemishes or minor discoloration. It’s also incredibly affordable, so it won’t be the end of the world if I loose it or it gets damaged.
  5. Purse: This one was actually a Christmas present and it’s my favourite by far. I even use it for the occasional milk and bread run sans handbag.
  6. Lipglosses & Lipsticks: I love affordable makeup, but when the quality is also great you have to stock up! This is the case with Essence Lipglosses and I’ve been trying their Long Lasting Lipstick as well. I’ve also been loving the Revlon Colorstay range.
  7. Hairbands & Bobby pins: You never know when you might need one or a few of these for pesky fly-aways, broken hairbands or just windy days.
  8. Business cards: I keep a business cards from my favourite hairdresser, doctor and dentist on hand so that I can always refer someone and have the necessary details on hand. Keeping it organised and neat is very important.
  9. Pouch: This really is the key to my handbag organisation. I store all the tiny essentials in there like my tiny 8 Hour Cream (perfect for chapped lips, dry cuticles and minor cuts or burns), a comb, compact mirror, tissues and a miniature fragrance. When I want to change bags I simply toss this in along with the rest.
  10. Not pictured is my mobile phone which I obviously also carry everywhere with me.

What do you carry in your bag that you can’t live without?

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