Brush Guide


Understanding which brush to use when is really important when styling your hair. To make it a little easier, I’m sharing my favourite brushes and for what I use them. Some might be very obvious, but I only recently discovered that my paddle brush is great for detangling wet hair. So I really hope this helps!

  1. Hard Round Boar Bristle Brush: This is great for blow drying medium to thick hair, especially when you’re straightening curly hair. The brush easily grips hair (wet and dry), making it easy to style stubborn hair and add body. Natural bristles also distributes hair oils evenly adding shine to the strand.
  2. Soft Round Boar Bristle Brush: This is more suited to blow drying thin hair but I loved using it to style my fringe when I still had one. It isn’t as harsh when you touch your forehead and really helped smooth my fly-aways.
  3. Ceramic Round Brush: This is a fairly new brush of mine and I’d suggest testing it before buying. I find that I can only style very small sections of hair at a time with mine as it doesn’t grip hair as easily. I think that it might be because the bristles are a little sparse. That being said, a ceramic brush can be a great alternative to curling tongs and straightening irons. The ceramic barrel heats up when blowing, effectively turning this into a heat styling tool, minus the intense heat which damages your hair. I love using this to introduce soft curls or waves to the ends of my hair and I find that they do last longer than those I create with other round brushes.
  4. Plastic Paddle Brush: This is the perfect all-rounder. If I were ever to be limited to one brush, this would be it.  I use it mostly to gently comb out my wet hair before blow drying. It is painless and detangles in seconds compared to the wide toothed comb I used for years. I also use this to brush my hair in the mornings and when I’m speed blow drying. I always use a round brush for blow drying around my face though as this doesn’t create volume.
  5. Fine Toothed Comb: I use this mainly for creating partings as it is so extremely precise. I also used this to seperate wet hair when I wanted to trim my fringe and it is great for cleaning your other brushes (simply comb out the hairs that gather in your other brushes).


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