My favourite beauty bloggers

beauty bloggersAs I’ve mentioned before, I really am new to the beauty game and I still have a lot to learn. The fact that I am not the biggest beauty junkie means that I probably won’t ever be your first stop for beauty advice- I don’t blame you. So I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite beauty blogs and Youtube channels that will inspire and help you in your quest to master the art that is face painting. I’ve also included my favourite hair styling blogger.

  • 1. Into the Gloss: You might remember Emily from her brief stint on The Hills as Lauren’s top competitor for Vogue or simply from reading Teen Vogue, but Emily recently launched her beauty website and it isn’t bad at all. She and a bunch of contributors share their favourite products, beauty routines and funny yet informative articles like this one on all the alternatives to mascara.
  • 2. The Beauty Department: This really should be everyones first stop whether you’re a seasoned make-up artists looking for unique ideas or a novice wondering what foundation best suits your skin. They also have a plethora of youtube and image tutorials that will help you master even the most complicated braid.
  • 3. Lisa Eldridge: Make-up artist to the stars and a Chanel favourite, Lisa’s blog and youtube channel really cement her as everyone’s favourite make-up artist. She does tutorials on most of her celebrity looks (Keira Knighley being a regular client) and features both high-end brands (Chanel, YSL and Dior) alongside cheaper brands such as Bourjois and No7 (the Boots brand that she worked on). She also has a few basic tutorials on getting started -foundation, mascara, eyeliner, etc.
  • 4. Kiss, Blush and Tell: A local blog by Victoria Tatham. There is a reason she was voted Best Beauty blogger in the Feminina awards. I like the fact that she shares mostly products we can all find locally (SA) and frequently does product reviews.
  • 5. All Dolled Up: Another local beauty blog. Camilla and Jules only started early last year, so their fairly new to the beauty blogging scene but damn they have caught on quickly. I love their quick and easy video tutorials and product reviews. A big plus is how funny they seem! Really fun to watch 🙂
  • 6. The Beauty Explorer + 7. Gemsmaquillage: Yup, the Brits do have the best beauty bloggers in my opinion. It might also have a little bit to do with the fact that most of the products they mention are available in SA. Expect standard reviews and youtube tutorials with tricks like how to master the bright lip.
  • 8. The Small Things Blog: She really has some of the best youtube hair tutorials and as a professional hairdresser I also appreciate her advice on hair care and the very delicate subject of trimming your own fringe (SOOO glad my fringe has grown out!). She also does some cute make-up tutorials every now and again, but I really think its her hair knowledge that sets her apart.

If you’ve got any other suggestions on great beauty blogs or youtube channels that I  haven’t discovered yet, please do share. I’d love to know who your favourites are!

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