Signature Scent

100_8108When I was a little girl my mom wore Ralph Lauren’s Safari almost every single day. I though this was the pinnacle of being a grown up along wearing Estee Lauder lipstick. I still covet  the classic gold bullet beauty wise!

I remember early on learning that I don’t want to wear my fragrance every single day. I save mine for special occasions such as date night and parties with friends or simply when my spirits needs a lift. Besides perfume is a precious elixir that captures memories in scent. I want to use my scents to remember things that make me happy.

I still clearly remember the excitement around my first fragrance. It was a small Tommy Hillfiger Girl, and all the girls in my high school wore it, so it definitely wasn’t unique. I liked the fact that it smelt clean and fresh and made me feel sophisticated.

I followed this up with Ralph Lauren’s Ralph on a overseas trip. That was the first fruity-floral fragrance I liked and it still one of my favourite scents. I love the fact that whenever I catch a whiff of something similar I feel like I’m sixteen all over again, looking forward to a milkshake dates at the mall, the latest Teen Vogue and my trip to freezing cold London. I can still feel the excitement!

Right before I started University my mother gave me my current scent, Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie. It is the ultimate in sophistication and it smells so feminine. It has still got that hint of a fruitiness but is essentially a fresh floral. The notes include things such as caramel popcorn and strawberries which really just sounds (and smells) delicious.

I have been eyeing Chanel’s Chance eau Tendre and plan on making this my next fragrance as soon as I finish my Miss Dior. I choose to never buy the same fragrance in succession as I want each chapter in my life to have its own scent. That way I can always revisit a specific period in my life by simply visiting the beauty counter. What fragrance do you currently use and how often do you wear it? Do you believe in signature scents?

A few of my other favourite scents:

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