Trend Alert: Metallic & Glitter Trainers

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Karl Lagerfeld recently cemented the bling trainer as the fashion item du jour when he sent a flurry of models down Chanel’s couture runway wearing luxe evening gowns paired with the practical footwear solution. The trend has been steadily growing over the last few months and is the one thing coming from the Sports Luxe trend that I completely approve of. Long have I campaigned against the impractical stiletto, so I am beyond happy to finally embrace some stylish footwear that won’t give me blisters. How do you feel about this trend?

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  • Agreed!!! Love this trend.

  • Me too! I live in South Korea and here, this is the kind of shoes that most women run around in. The variety of sneakers in different styles, colours, brands and prices are unbelievable, unlike anything that I have seen in South Africa. The woman still wear their mind numbingly high heels, but sneakers are a definite wardrobe staple here. Sneaker fashion has slowly but surely been evolving away from the hip-hop and sports scene and now thanks to the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld, it’s on a couture runway in a refreshingly non-ironic kind of way! Love this trend and I hope it sticks in the west like its definitely stuck here in the east.

  • But suuurely those are too pretty to run in?

    • Yup I’d feel way too guilty to get them all muddy and run down!

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    Surely these are too cute to run in?