What’s new for Shopgirl in 2014

e2e957c9572e4faea7fbdf1ce1b9dbb8New Year, a few new things on the blog (a.ka. what I’ve been working on this holiday)!

1. So I finally joined Instagram just before the end of last year.Which explains why I’ve only recently added my feed to the side bar. I really enjoy sharing these pictures as they are a great reminder of pretty things and good times. Taking styled shots is super fun!

2. I am considering sharing a few outfit posts with you guys. Some days I just feel so happy with what I’m wearing and I want to share that. I’m still working out some logistics- e.g. how to become photogenic, but it something to look out for in the coming months.

3. I want to include a few more opinion posts which might be less image driven. Thoughts?

4. Finally, an about me page has been long overdue. Its funny how much I struggled to write this piece considering that I write for a living. Anyway here it is.

Any other changes you’d like to see on Shopgirl? As much as this is my outlet, I’m totally open to any suggestions to make it more enjoyable for others. 🙂

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