Trend Report 2014: Part 2

trends p26. Learning Caligraphy: Calligraphy is no longer reserved solely for weddings. Due to the huge value we place on typography, it is no surprise that many want to learn Caligraphy as a hobby. Caligraphy sets make starting this somewhat daunting hobby a little simpler.

7. Carnations: Peonies have been everyone’s favourite flowers for years, but as most have to be imported from the Netherlands they aren’t an environmentally or pocket friendly option. Enter cost-friendly, all-year carnations. They come in a variety of colours (and can even be dyed a few unnatural ones) and are some of the most affordable options around. I think we will be seeing alot more of these flowers this coming year.

8. Sequins: Long have sequins been saved for eveningwear, but spangle has never been more appropriate for day wear. Why should you reserve your beloved spangly dress for the few hours after-dark when it can catch the sunlight during the day? Just remember to dress it down, unless you want to resemble a disco ball. I particularly love this Rebecca Taylor jacket for a transitional sequin item.

9. Moroccan Wedding Blankets: They look like Chanel Couture for you home, but instead these natural woven wool and cotton blankets often decorated with sequins and other trimmings are traditional blanket from Morocco. Drape it over your bed or couch for maximum effect.

10. Blush & Copper: While all shades of pastel are in vogue right now, none so can be more fashionable  than blush pink. Combine it with copper to give it some much needed edge and add contrasting mint green if you want an additional colour.

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