Trend Report 2014: Part 1

top 10 trends p1

  1. Diamond Print: Diamond shapes have been printed onto everything from Duvet Covers, accessories and even as art. It is a fun and easy trend to try at home.
  2. Cakes: Everything from Naked cakes to crepe stacks will be on mark- as long as it is relatively easy to achieve without a pastry chef. That means no artistic butter cream roses and more  simple sprinkles and rustic frosting.
  3. Purple: Everything from violet to Radiant Orchid (Pantone colour of the year)… I think we will see this colour mostly in fashion and home decor accessories. Paired with neutral grey or Dazzling Blue (another Pantone favourite) this will surely liven up any room.
  4. Crystals: Whether you believe in mystical magic powers or not, crystals are the equivalent of bling for your home. And we all know that you can never have enough bling…  A large amethyst stone is also a easy way to incorporate purple in your home. These crystal candal holders from WestElm is both beautiful and functional.
  5. Organic Cosmetics: Brands such as Tarte in the US and Lush have finally managed to produce eco-friendly, natural cosmetics without sacrificing quality. I think 2014 will see more major cosmetic brands launching eco-friendly ranges to meet a larger demand therefore as people become more aware of the benefits.

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