DIY: Pinboard Makeover


I had an old, ugly pin board that I had been using to pin random inspiring and pretty pictures, but it was in desperate need of a mini renovation. Obviously not everyone has an old pin board laying around, so luckily there are many tutorials of how to create your own. This is just a really simple way to recover one and make the board as aesthetically pleasing as what you are pinning. I also decided to match my pins to my board. The end result is much prettier than miss-matched pins.

What You’ll Need for the Board:

  • Old Pin Board
  • Suitable Fabric ( the size of you board + a few cm extra each side)
  • Wide Tape


  1. Position your board in the middle of the fabric.
  2. Starting with one side, wrap the side of board tightly and use a piece of tape down the length to hold in place. Repeat on the opposite side.
  3. Wrap corners neatly, as you would a present and tape it in place.
  4. Make sure that any ends of the material that could unravel is either neatly folded away or sealed with tape.

2013-08-15 12.46.05

What You’ll Need for the Pins:

  • Pins
  • Glitter
  • Clear Nail Polish (I always seem to have an old clear nail polish that is too sticky to use on nails, but the brush applicator makes it perfect to use for projects like this).


  1. To make your push pins pretty is really easy. Cover the head of the pin with a thin layer of glue/nail polish and dip into the glitter jar. Repeat until you’ve done all the pins.
  2. Leave to dry, before covering in another coat of clear nail polish.  This does make it look less shiny but also prevents most glitter transfer- one of the main concerns when using glitter in a project.

I was extremely happy with the end results and couldn’t believe that it took me all of 5 min to transform it. Now I can fill it with inspirational pictures for summer.

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