Makeup for Glasses

100_6007I’ve been wearing glasses since high school and not the trendy ones, but real prescription glasses. They aren’t the most fashionable frames but rather a classic thin frame. At first I struggled to find makeup tips suitable for my glasses as they don’t have a very wide rim, ruling out the possibility of eyeliner which look so great in all the magazines. I only recently got a look that works for me and as it is pretty natural I think it would suit most glasses.

  1. Start by creating great skin, whatever this includes for you. I currently favour Clinique’s CC cream but most days I just use a little concealer on spots. The reason being that glasses not only frames your eyes, but places the focus on your face. Any flaws will be more visible.
  2. Glasses can cast a shadow on your under-eye area and make any dark circles appear darker. Conceal the under eye area in a shade that either matches your skin tone if you prefer to skip foundation or a shade slightly lighter. Be careful to skip the bridge of your nose as any makeup on that area will only rub off on the nose pads of your glasses.
  3. I always contour and fill in my brows. They are naturally quite thick, but grow sparser near the ends so I use an angled brush and brow powder to create a more defined arch and a tapered end. A strong brow goes great with thinner frames and I imagine would also look good with rimless spectacles.
  4. First curl your lashes and then use a lengthening and thickening mascara on your top and lower lashes. Leave it to dry before putting your glasses back on, otherwise it might rub off on your glasses. The curling also helps angle your lashes away from your glasses.
  5. Enhance your eyes by rimming the outer corners of your eyes with a neutral coloured eye shadow. I usually go with a warm brown or bronze and sometimes gold. This adds definition to your eyes without being as harsh as eyeliner.
  6. Finally I like adding a brighter lip to this very natural makeup look and usually favour light berry shades. I like playing with textures, so when my skin looks dewy from the CC cream I use lipstick and when my skin has a matte finish I use lip gloss.

I hope these tips help if you’re struggling with adjusting your makeup to a new pair of glasses. Please feel free to share any other tips and whether any of these tips has worked for you.

Here are the product I use:

glasses makeupL: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4   R: 1 , 2


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