Flattering Peplum Tops For Every Figure

Peplums have been around for quite a while, but it appears they won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. I almost gave up on peplums entirely as I’d tried a few that were simply unflattering. Luckily the trend has exploded and there is now a wide variety peplum styled tops, one to suit every figure. If you struggle to find a peplum top that suits your shape, this might be useful.

Peplum tops

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  • Universal: Look for a peplum top that is fitted, but not tight with a peplum starting just below the natural waist in a plain colour. The peplum should be flat fronted preferably with two pleats. It should end before the widest part of your hips, not on it. A slight texture adds interest and the sweetheart neckline helps create the illusion of a fuller bust and at the same time flatters a fuller bust.
  • Elongating: A fitted, high neckline peplum in a singular colour is great, but the peplum on this one is the most elongating. No horizontal line where the peplum meets the top means that your eyes are pulled down. The peplum isn’t a full circle, and only flares out slightly with two pleats created naturally.  A full circle peplum would flare out too much and create a fullness which would distract the eye. Another important factor is to consider where the peplum starts and ends. You want it to start at the narrowest part of your waist, but not too close to your bust line and end typically just above your thigh.
  • Apple-shaped: All apple-shaped women are different meaning not everyone will suit the same type of peplum, but those who are fuller will typically suit this looser fit. This one obviously just skims over your curves but draws the eyes to your neckline and face and then to your lower half, which would typically be your best feature. Apple-shaped who want to create a waist rather than hide their lack thereof might try the universal style or a peplum that starts on your waistline.
  • Pear-shaped: Horizontal stripes are the most obvious choice, but any attention-drawing pattern is great. Again look for a lower waistline with a pleated peplum that doesn’t flair out to much. An open, wider neck will give your figure more balance. Steer clear of styles that end on your thigh, which will draw unwanted attention to the widest part of your figure.
  • Unflattering: I think this is the most unflattering type of peplum. The combination of full skirt that is cut higher and tightness of the fit creates an unflattering figure, especially on those with larger breasts. It makes you look shorter and makes you look frumpy. The skirt also flares too wide, making your hips seem wider than they actually are. Finally the fact that the peplum starts above the waist makes you look wider and shortens your torso.

Do bear in mind that these are general guidelines and that the best way to find what suits you is to try them on and find what makes you feel comfortable. Try taking a few different styles to the dressing room and try them all to find what suits you. Did you find these guidelines helpful? Are you still excited about the peplum trend which still features on the runways or are you ready for a new trend?

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