Back-to-School Hairstyle Inspiration

school hairstylesMy high school was pretty strict with our appearance and we had very specific hairstyle rules, especially with fringe lengths. All hair that touched your collar or your nose had to be tied and pinned away from your face- not very flattering. I wish I knew then of all the amazing alternatives, instead of sticking to my trusted plain pony. Seeing that the new semester is about to start, I decided to share some of my favourite styles. None of these styles should take you more than 5 minutes and they all comply with even the strictest rules. What is so great about these styles is that they aren’t limited to the classroom and I would easily wear my hair like this now simply for a change.

  1. This grown-up topsy-tail looks like a regular pony from the front with some interest at the back. This style scores plus points for being super easy and quick to recreate. Find the tutorial here.
  2. A regular topsy-tail looks extra chic when done looser with slightly wavy hair. Super easy and basic.
  3. Another variation on the classic pony is this simple twist. I recommend using a few extra bobby-pins if you want to keep the look in place all day, but it really does look amazing. Find the tutorial here.
  4. This is a cross between a ponytail and a fishtail braid. Divide the hair in half and create a fishtail braid using slightly larger pieces than you usually would. Once you reach the nape of you neck stop and tie it. Use a small piece of pony to cover the band and pin into place. If you’ve got no idea how to do a fishtail braid, this video might be very helpful.
  5. This hairstyle might be the most time-consuming, but if you’re experienced in fishtail braiding it should help. It is worth the trouble as it is super secure and can last a whole day even enduring some after-hour activities. Create three small fishtail braids and tie with small rubber bands. Once you’ve finished all three, create a regular braid and tie it together.
  6. I think the classic french braid is a nice alternative to the fishtail and it gives better hold. The last thing you want is strands falling out of place and frantically struggling to tuck them back in place in the middle of a class.
  7. The rope braid is something I’ve been experimenting with a lot recently. It is great for tying up a fringe when you’re in the dreadful process of growing it out. Find the tutorial here.  (Use Google to translate the French-unless you’re fluent in which case lucky you!)
  8.  Instead of going with two pigtails on the side of your head, place two fishtail braids at the back of your head for a more grown-up version.

I hope this helps if you’re looking for some inspiration!

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