Trend Report: Glitter Nails

Glitter nailsThis trend isn’t exactly new, but it is still as popular as ever. With a whole new range of affordable glittery nail polishes on the market, I decided to revisit the trend.  For a great tutorial on the glitter gradients, try this one from The Beauty Department. Please note that putting loose glitter on wet nail polish doesn’t look the same! Trust me, I tried it and it didn’t look great. Here is a selection of my favourite glitter nail polishes on a budget.

glitter nail polishes

  1. Mavala in Sparkling Silver from R59,99
  2. Mavala in Sparkling Bronze from R59,99
  3. SPLURGE: Essie in Beyond Cozy from R99,99
  4. Essence in Space Queen from R19,99 PS: This does need about 2-3 coats and looks best when layered over a colour.
  5. Essence in Party Princess R19,99
  6. Essence in Time for Romance R19,99
  7. Mavala in Sparkling Violet from R59,99
  8. Revlon in Blue Mosaic from R89,99

How do you feel about glitter nail polishes? Have you mastered the glitter gradient yet, as somehow I haven’t yet?

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