6 Easy Trends to Update Your Wardrobe

1. Statement Matchstick Pants

200691727115756756_1hZJE3O8_bBreak convention and pair a basic blouse with a longer patterned pants. Polka dots are the safest option.

2. Statement Pumps


Try to avoid the nude trend and brighten up your outfit with these classic shoes in a variety of prints and textures. My favourites are the glitter ones!

3. Unconventional Animal Print

200691727116322192_ub5PTYCT_cI know I’ve said this before, but I simply love these new unconventional animal prints, especially those in monochrome. Miranda Kerr however gets bonus points for wearing the most unconventional print of all- a graphic mimicking that of snakeskin!

4. Feathered Skirts

200691727116331829_DRRxrxFR_bThis trend has been all over lately and I am loving it. Whether you choose to toughen it up or play up its femininity is up to you.

5. Stacked Arm Candy

UntitledThe key to mastering this look is not to be too matchy-matchy. Combine a few DIY bracelets with vintage finds and store bought ones to create a unique and organic feel. Try blogs such as http://www.honestlywtf.com and http://www.stripesandsequins.com/ for the best DIY bracelets. Mr Price currently has a great selection of bracelets.

6. Sequins in Daylight

200691727116438317_snmpNdJb_cThis trend has been around for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be going ANYWHERE any time soon. I’ve covered this trend both here and here a while ago and it is still going strong. Dress it down with your favourite striped or printed tee and just enjoy this lovely trend!

The best part of all these trends is that they aren’t seasonally bound! Which of these trends is your favourite?

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