Beauty Review: Essence XXXL shine Lipgloss in True Love

100_5135This is the first lip gloss I’ve bought in about 10 years! During my early teens I spent most of my money on those roll-on clear lip gloss but when I tried to make the transition to coloured glosses, I found it extremely sticky and thick. So I stuck with lip-balms and later, lipsticks.

Yesterday I was searching for some new nail polish (I love the essence brand’s nail polishes for more trendy experiments) when I stumbled upon this lip gloss. The colour looked amazing and it read “non-sticky” on the back so I immediately tried and bought it.

The gloss goes on smooth and feels quite lightweight, but the colour packs a punch! When applied very lightly it gives my lips a naturally pink-berry glow and when I layer it on thicker it creates a deeper fuchsia berry colour. It is worthy to note that this colour is more pink than purple as I have had a problem with some purplish lipcolours looking too dramatic and unnatural.

Even when the gloss dries, it remains lightweight and non-sticky. The gloss doesn’t last as long as the sticky long-lasting variants, but it doesn’t really bother me. Even after it has worn off, it leaves my lips slightly stained so touch-ups aren’t so frequently necessary.

Available at all Clicks and some Dischem stores, only R25! It is the best beauty bargain buy ever and I can’t wait to go stock up and try a few other colours!

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