DIY: Gift Cards and Gift Tags

It might not be Christmas season yet, but the gift-giving season sure has arrived. With all the weddings, Kitchen Teas and Baby showers there are a lot of cards or gift tags to be made- depending on your preference.

I love making DIY cards as they are easy, cost effective and much more personal than just any shop bought card. Here are two cards I made recently.

I recently bought me a glue-pen from the craft shop, and it is the best tool I’ve bought yet. As you can see it is great when used with glitter. You can even write someone’s name or a cute message. I have to add though that I bought the thicker pen, which means that I can’t create a very delicate design, but I like the boldness of the pen.

Here are a few must haves for card making!

  1. Glitter Alphabet Letters
  2. Washi Tape- can spruce up any old gift tag
  3. Gross Grain Ribbons- To add colour and attach gift tag
  4. Glitter in all shapes and colours
  5. Quality card stock- Should be textured and thick
  6. Metallic Pens
  7. ZIG Glue Pen

Do share any ideas and must haves of yours. Happy card making!

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