Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day MacaronsI’ve loved rounding up this Valentine’s day gift guide because I feel like I can really indulge in my love of blush pink without any shame! Most of the gift are fairly simple – I say save the big ticket items for anniversaries and birthdays – but their just kind of token  of appreciation I’d appreciate. I hope that there is something in here for you too!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Blush pink scarf – I’ve had scarves on the brain for quite some while now as I’m packing for a winter break. This one just seems like it would be so soft and comes in a beautiful colour. I hope it is massive!

Cute card – I really think that a cute Valentine’s Day card is more than enough! Just make sure it is personal. Bonus points if you DIY one.

Red lipstick – This is more likely something to gift your bestie, as I doubt guys would know where to start. This Bourjois in Hot Pepper is my personal favourite red. It stays put and isn’t too drying on the lips. I just top it up with Labello in Cherry flavour for some added moisture.

Heart Balloon – Cheesy I know and probably incredibly overpriced, but if you can find something (not too cloying) in Chinatown for a bargain I’d say go for it! Just stick with pink and red tones sans writing.

Heart lollies – I just can’t resist these cute sugar rush-inducing candies. As it’s only available once a year I most definitely indulge!

Blush beret – I am still not sure I can pull off a beret on my odd head, but I think they look so stylish on others and would love this blush pink one.

Chocolates – For complete transparency I’m going to admit I chose these choccies based purely on their packaging. I have no idea whether it is any good! But this time I’m judging the book by its cover. You could totally wrap up some delicious Lindt as well!

Mugs – Valentine’s mugs can be incredibly cheesy but I feel like you could use these year round. They are so chic and understated yet completely on-trend for the day.

Hope you have a glorious day either spoiling yourself, your bestie or anyone special in your life!

P.S. I’ve not included any gift ideas for guys as mine would only say chocolate or biltong! Plus he wouldn’t know it is Valentine’s Day if I didn’t say anything.


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October Favourites: My upcoming wedding

wedding updateSomeone at work recently asked whether I’ll be sharing anything of my wedding on social media, only to realise that I have kept quiet without exactly intending to! Whilst I don’t want to share every last detail with everyone, I think there are a few things that might be of interest to some of you- whether you simply love weddings or are planning one yourself.

I have to confess, doing all of the planning yourself can at times become slightly overwhelming and stressful, but nothing that a cup of coffee and a good planning session can’t cure!

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Relaxed Blush Weekend Look


Hi everyone!

I recently wore this super comfortable look on one of the hottest days in Stellenbosch. It was actually a pretty good day as we met our wedding photographer and tried a pretty good new-to-us coffee place.

I bought this pair of elastic waisted pants for long-haul flights last year andI’ve actually gotten a lot of wear out of it since. I was slightly weary of elastic pants adding loads of extra bulk, but as these are very lightweight it isn’t really a problem. Besides they are just so damn comfortable that I don’t mind if it gives me thunder-thighs.

The shirt is one of my all-time favourite bargain buys (Mr Price) and I bought the handbag in Italy. It is definitely one of my all time favourite bags as it is great for sneaking snacks for the movies and it is real leather.

I can’t imagine I’d ever be able to sacrifice comfort for style, so I am really glad I found the perfect middle ground. And it is nice not to wear jeans for once…

What is your favourite weekend look?


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