Wishlist & What I Have Been Loving


By now you should know me as a very considerate shopper – I rarely make impulse buys – but sometimes I just feel overwhelmed with a whole sea of things I’d like to home. This happenned to me on a recent visit to H&M, where I felt overwhelmed with things I want. I know it is not realistic for me to want them as I don’t need most of it, but as a nice theme evolved I thought I might as well share my beautiful wishlist with you! These would also make nice gifts, which is something to consider with wedding season approaching.

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Life Update


I feel slightly guilty writing this post, as I have been absent for longer than I intended to be. To be honest, I have completely failed in the blogging department. I haven’t even uploaded some of the beautiful pictures I have to share on Instagram!

I have been busier than usual at work, having taken on extra responsibilities including creating and launching a new website. It has been rewarding, but has also meant that when I finally step into my home I don’t want to see a computer screen! 

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Back in Black in Babylonstoren

DSC_3638 This past weekend was a long one for some and for the rest of us, well we had to work on Friday. That does not mean that we didn’t make the best of Thursday’s public holiday! Ryno and I decided to head out to Stellenbosch for lunch as I hadn’t been there in quite a while. After finding a few of our favourite spots were closed for the holiday, we headed to an old favourite, Java for their chai lattes (a.k.a. liquid pancakes) and pizza.

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Raspberry Bakewell Cake


This recipe is the ultimate celebration of raspberries in my books. I love whipping it up at the height of raspberry season when they are at their sweetest. I’ve yet to meet someone who can say no to this, it has even been known to convert some non-berry eaters… So hurry and buy a fresh punnet of raspberries whilst they are still in season, this recipe doesn’t deserve frozen berries.

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June Favourites


I hope everyone has been enjoying the month so far! I know, I know, this is seriously late! But in all fairness, I do feel like June is only starting now. Anyone else feel like May just wouldn’t come to an end? (No? Just me!?) Anyways I am finally getting around to telling you what has me excited for the second half of June! Hint: It is not the weather!

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27 Random Facts About Me


DSC_3088Last week was my birthday and I still haven’t gotten used to saying that I am now twenty seven. I find approaching thirty a little bit scary, but anyway with age comes a few good things as well! You get to know yourself better each year, you grow more comfortable in your own skin and just like a good wine your music taste matures. I thought it would be fun to commemorate the occasion with 27 random facts about me and at the same time afford you the opportunity to get to know me a little better.

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Cape Town Chill


This weekend I had the most fun catching up with a very good friend, Crisna from Nunkilief. We had an early breakfast in the most beautiful restaurant, Hemelhuijs. The decor is basically my dream – wall panneling, dark colours and loads of bookshelves. But it wasn’t a patch on the conversation. Crisna and I are working on some content togethering that we’ll hopefully be able to share with you soon!

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8 Decorating Tips for Small Livingrooms


To say I have experience in navigating tight quarters is an understatement! Our house is by no means large and at 6 x 4 m our living/ dining room is the average size of a single garage. I’ve been slowly decorating our space for the last year and thought that I could pass on my experience and maybe help someone else along the way. As a caveat, I want to add that I am not a trained decorator (only passionate) and that each room is unique, but I do think these 8 decorating tips for a small livingroom can be useful to you.

1. Consider the room’s function

Before my husband and I moved into our own spot, one of the things I was most looking forward to was hosting loads of dinner parties with friends. And as our weeknight routine mostly consists of Netflix and chill, a comfortable TV-couch situation also needed to happen.

Taking the time to think about how you want to use a room can really help you narrow down what pieces you need and what you can forgo. We decided  to eschew the typical L-shaped couch for a bigger diningroom table that can comfortably seat up to eight people. I think it is important to decorate according to how you plan on using your space 90% of the time and not for the once-a-year family reunions that require ten thousand seats!

2. Consider future uses

This ties in with the first step, but I think it is always worth just quickly envisioning whether a room’s function might change over the next few years. Are you perhaps already planning on expanding the spare bedroom into a dining room? Or would your home office one day have to make way for a nursery? This certainly shouldn’t detract from how you use your space right now, but in the planning (and buying phase) this could inform some decisions.

As smaller spaces are often transitional living spaces, you should also spare a thought as to whether you’ll still want something if your living space increased in size.

3. Start working on your layout

Once you know which pieces you need, it is a good idea to start playing with layout to find the perfect scale. I always like the idea of creating a scaled blueprint and cut outs of the furniture pieces you’d like to add. Remember to draw in your door openings and to indicate windows.

Start with your bigger pieces like dining tables and couches. Try to play around with different layouts, until you find something that works. Try not to arrange everything against one wall and be sure to leave enough space for foot traffic.

4.Furniture scale

Although the most obvious choice in a smaller apartment is to down scale, I have to say this is one rule that really was meant to be broken! Nothing makes a room feel more dated (and in most cases even smaller!) than a tonne of smaller pieces of furniture. I like to make use of a combination of larger/regular scale pieces and smaller ones.

In a living/dining room, I’d say you should use a standard sized couch and dining room table. These will anchor your room and are often also investment pieces, which will move with you to your next home.

I’ll then add smaller coffee tables, side tables and slim chairs to complement you room and to prevent it from feeling like the room shrunk around the furniture.


5. Furniture weight

Don’t confuse a piece’s scale with its visual weight. A regular sofa floating upon dainty legs can take up less visual real estate than a chunky two-seater. Clear pieces (think glass and lucite) are your biggest friend, as are those with dainty frameworks because they won’t add bulk to your room. They’ll also allow more light into your room.

Lower profiles in pieces like couches and dining chairs will also aid your eyes to glide over them.


6. Colour palette

Although I always appreciate a good neutral base, I feel that this can be even more important in a small living space as it is easier on the eye. This doesn’t mean your space has to be boring, accent colours can inject just the right amount of personality and fun. Just be sure not to introduce too many different hues. When in doubt, stick to varying shades of one hue.

Working with lighter colours can also help fake the feeling of airiness.

7. Create a layered look

Minimalism is a great way to make smaller spaces feel more open and spacious, but it certainly isn’t the only answer to make a room feel, well, roomier.  Creating a thoughtful, layered look in your home can take years as you collect and combine the things you love and those that have sentimental value but ultimately it is the best way to infuse a home with personality.

Layered doesn’t equate clutter, but rather suggests a thoughtful combination of various elements ranging from the expected to the unexpected.

8. Edit

Finally, it is important to remember that you’re never done decorating a room. Just as you’ll add things and make changes over the years, you should also constantly be editing. Ask yourself whether pieces are still working, whether they still add value to the room and remove those that don’t. Whilst some people find comfort in clutter, it never makes a smaller space feel bigger.



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May Favourites

May usually signifies the start of winter, at least weather wise. This winter I’ve started a love affair with sweat tops. Mr Price has a pretty decent quilted selection, but Cotton On has the best ones with quotes. I’ve already added one blush one from Mr Price, but am considering one in my favourite tone, melange. I’ve also been looking for the perfect trench coat (finding the perfect fit, colour and material at right price has proven nearly impossible over the last two years!), but I’m seriously lusting after this khaki green one.

They always say April showers bring May flowers and my favourite are ranunculus. I haven’t planted any bulbs this year, but  I was considering giving tulips a chance. They would look amazing in these hexagonal vases from ferm living.

I am also dreaming of upping our coffee table game, with a colourful tray and beautiful crystals. I’ve already paid a visit to the Scratch Patch, but everything I fancied was unaffordable. I also really like this fringed chandelier and am planning on DIY-ing something similar.

And finally as this is my birthday month, I think a burger and cake party would be appropriate!

I am really looking forward to this month, cozying up on the couch and planning on making our home easier on the eye. Hope you have anamazing month!

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Style Icon: Gwendoline Christie

Stellar performances in both GoT and Star Wars aside, Gwendoline Christie (perhaps better known to Game of Thrones fans as Brienne of Tarth) has recently been rocking the red carpet. It should come as no surprise considering she’s modelled for Vivienne Westwood and is dating designer Giles Deacon. Far from her on-stage androgynous looks, Gwendoline frequently favours more feminine pieces on the red carpet like the sequined Vivienne Westwoord wrap dress or monochromatic and fitted Oscar de La Renta at the Star Wars premiere.

Although her every day wardrobe is often characterised by somewhat eccentric accessories, she sticks to a neutral palette of metallics, creams, navy, black and white on the red carpet. Chameleon-like she shifts from feminine dresses and curled hair to structured pant suits and slicked-back hair, both with similar success.

I look forward to seeing her future red carpet appearances thanks to roles in the next Star Wars and Absolutely Fabulous.

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