Home Fragrance


My husband and I live in a small home with two indoor cats, and incase that doesn’t paint a clear enough picture I’ll also mention that we have two littertrays. Home fragrance is a big deal for us as the last thing we want is for people to walk in to our home and immediately smell the presence of our pets. So we have adopted a two-prong approach and make use of both a roomspray and reed diffusers. We try to steer clear of overly-sweet, cloying floral fragrances and instead we’ve chosen orange scented diffusers and a slightly sweet Sugared Almond room spray. That along with regularly cleaning and replacing their littertrays have for the most part kept our home smelling fresh. Do you have any tips on keeping your cat home a fresh home?

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The non-minimalist way to tidy up


For months now I’ve been trying to organise my thoughts on minimalism in a blog post, because thanks to Mari Kondo ‘minimalism’ is trending and it got me thinking. I’ve never been a maximalist, but could also never commit to complete minimalism. I think I fit somewhere in the middle, like most people.

Although I don’t consider myself a hoader,  I do hold on to things I don’t always need of use. Mostly because it has sentimal value or cost a lot of money. Recently however I’ve found that less stuff definitely is better and I’m finding that having less things to sift through when I’m looking for something really makes life simpler. I’ve identified three places where I really tend to hold on to more than I need and decided to tackle those first. Getting rid of what I don’t need and organising what i decide to hold on to goes hand in hand for me. So here goes.


I’m constantly clearing out my wardrobe, possibly because I never really get rid of everything in one go. If I think that I might wear something again, if it cost me a lot of money or if I attach some emotional value to something, the chances are good I am going to hold on to it (at least for a little while longer). I like going through my closet every three months and find what needs to be replaced (anyone else have problems with black jeans fading so quickly?) and getting rid of what I no longer wear. I usually make two piles, one for donation and one for holding onto. I do subscribe to the idea of putting these things away for a few months and only holding on to what you’ve worn in the within that set time. The other thing that really helps me is to have a good cause for donating my clothes. I find that social workers always have someone in mind who can benefit from your clothes, whether it is old work clothes or something suitable for a teenager. It is almost like your good deed for the day!


I’ve never had much in the beauty department to begin with, but it is a good idea to go through your formulas every three months or so to make sure you don’t hold onto an old mascara formula that you accidentally grab before work (been there, done that!). I also only keep out what I use every day like my brushes, mascara, brow products, fragrances and a handy scissor. This makes it more likely that I’ll remember to spray before rushing out the door and also gives me less stuff to dust – a win-win really. The rest is neatly stored in my drawer thanks to my clear organiser from Plastic Warehouse (a total bargain.)


The final culprit is my inbox. Unfortunately due to the nature of my work and my blog, I have multiple inboxes which makes it all so much more difficult to streamline, but I’ve been really good lately. I used to hoard emails like nothing else, simply because I am lazy but recently I’ve realised that having a smaller inbox really makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for. I never refer back to old newsletters so I now fight the urge to hold on to what will only make my inbox fuller. I started out by clearing my inbox whilst watching Netflix. I also unsubscribed to a bunch of newsletters and now each time a mail comes in that makes me sigh, I hit the unsubscribe button (note this does NOT apply to bills).  After the inital clear out I started applying my golden rule to all incoming mails- to action an email the moment I open it. I also created sub-folders to store my bills, which all get emailed to me, so now I can be paperless.

I guess for me it all boils down to keeping things tightly edited. I definitely can’t afford to only hold on to what brings me joy, but I can get rid what serves no purpose other gathering dust and donate what can bring more joy to someone else. Now if only I can sort through my thousands of photos. Any and all tips welcome!

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Festive Home

DSC_2212Although our home is far from done and we still have a tone of decorating to do, I couldn’t resist indulging in a bit of festive decor for our home. Our home isn’t the biggest, so our Christmas touches are mostly restricted to our openplan dining/livingroom. It is also where we’ll be hosting a few Christmas parties so we’ve put out a few festive treats for our guests (but REALLY they’re for us). And I love the finished result! We’ve gone for a classic, metallic look that isn’t to over the top. Since our decor collection is quite small at the moment, there are definitely a few pieces (like a reef) that I would like to add, but maybe next year.

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Home Decor Trend: Velvet


If you’d have enquired about my thoughts on velvet two weeks ago, I would’ve been completely indifferent. The only velvet associations I had are red stage drapes from my ballet days and a faded love seat that a friend had in her bedroom. Not exactly the stuff dreams are made of! But Pinterest is a magical place!

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Home Haul


I mentioned a home haul a little earlier this month and I’m so happy to finally share with you a few things that have made our home a little more enjoyable these past few weeks. I do want to add a disclaimer, as we moved into our first home with only the bare essentials so we did have to buy almost everything that we needed brand new. Some of the stuff included were also gifts. So I don’t buy this much stuff on the regular!

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Tips on planting a succulent in a container without drainage holes


When Ryno and I just moved into our home a good friend of mine gifted us our first house greenery. And whilst I’m happy to report that the plant has survived the first few months, I can’t say the same of the plant holder. It was time for a change and I had just the thing- this lovely candle holder from @home.

Unfortunately the candle holder doesn’t have any drainage holes and succulents generally don’t like too much moisture. To work around it, I’ve taken a few steps that will hopefully help keep the roots dry and the plant healthy.

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My Favourite Home Decor Trends

Indigo Blues

I am really enjoying indigo blue decor touches. It is the perfect foil for a neatral palette and instantly makes it season appropriate. The key to keeping the look modern is definitely less is more – whether it is a statement or accent piece. I love how it evokes the outdoors!

Round Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of adding light, the illusion of space and luxury to any room. It is only natural that it should get an update. So whether you exhibit any Hobbit qualities or not, round mirrors are the way to go. Bonus points if it is brass.

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Home Update: Our Entryway

entryhall text

As most of you probably know by now, our home is properly tiny. Given that it is small, we have no entry hall to speak of. It is not really a space we miss, but we did feel it necessary to create a good first impression when you enter our house and we also needed to find somewhere to drop-off and pick up our coats, bags, shoes and keys before heading out.

So once we decided on the perfect spot – an odd corner in our open plan living room – we dove right in! Instead of buying an expensive coat hanger we decided to simply buy hooks at the hardware store and attach them to the wall. As this corner is part of our open plan living area it was important to keep it looking neat and somewhat decorative. So we decided to paint horizontal stripes in charcoal which ties in nicely with our front door.

Since these photos were taken we’ve been able to source more of the same brass hooks, so plan on adding more hooks on different levels. We love the idea of being able to swap out our winter coats for more seasonal items like beach bags and sun hats during the summer months.

A we mentioned previously we painted the dark wooden door charcoal. It contrasts nicely with the brass door handle. A patterned runner from Mr Price Home adds instant warmth and interest to the area. It is nice to have something washable that we aren’t too precious about as it does get messy.

This is currently one my favourite areas to fixate on as it is the closest to being “done”. I’ll keep you up to date on any other changes we make over the coming months.


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Home Wishlist Round 2


Today I thought I’d share with you my home wishlist. Our tiny house is slowly starting to look more like a home, with our entryway/hallway (basically our front door) coming on the blog soon! Although there are still a million and one things we need ranging from big purchases (like a proper couch) to smaller things for the kitchen, I’m mostly looking forward to the decorating part. It propably isn’t something we’ll be spending on soon, but I just view it as an opportunity to really think about what would be perfect. Right now I am loving the mix of modern and luxurious pieces. I struggle to balance the light and airy look with my love for more dramatic, darker pieces. I don’t want our home to feel too predictable, but still have a cohesive look that is distinctly us.

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Random Things Around the House

Well this is a pretty random post, but since I haven’t showed you much from our house (simply because there isn’t much to show). So I have decided to share a few snippets.


We recently painted our backdoor and frontdoor charcoal and I am absolutely loving it. I was afraid that it would look too dark and slightly depressing, but I’m happy to report that it doesn’t. We do get quite a bit of natural light during the day, but I think it is the brass doorknob and light grey walls that keeps it from looking too stark.

DSC_0709 DSC_0711

This was a small DIY and I quite like how it turned out. I simply spray painted the side of a tree stump gold and painted the tops with a Water-based enamel. I think it might have looked better with a glossy paint on top, but since we already had the matt paint I simply used that. It now serves as a side-table for all our emergency lighting (thanks Eskom!)


We finally got a diningroom table (this one from @home) and I’ve been accessorising it like crazy (eventhough it is currently covered in the papers that R is grading). This lantern and the grey placemats are some of my favourites.


Finally, let me introduce you to our climbing rose. It is a scented Panarosa rose from Ludwig’s Roses and smells just like turkish delight. Nothing trumps this!

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